6am decay EP

Allen Saei aka Aubrey has over 23 years hands on experience of the scene. His DJ career took him from his first residency in Portsmouth's 'Central Park', to playing London's biggest raves and parties in the 1990's, sharing the decks with the likes of Carl Cox, Groove Rider and Mr C.

Launching his own Solid Groove Records in 1990, Aubrey's career went from strength to strength. Releases and remixes followed for labels including Sublime, The End, Ferox, Mosaic, Reel, Intec and Leftfield's label, Offshoot. His material was licensed by Derrick May, Terry Francis, Pete Tong and Carl Cox, and his track 'Early Riser' co-written with Max Brennan, featured on the very first Fabric 01 compilation, mixed by Craig Richards.

2010 saw him release 'Dark' on Belgian label Mowar, and he followed that with his Komplex De Deep debut, the 'High Pass Highway' EP. 2011 saw him return with the beautiful "Harlequin Opal" Ep and today he follows that with his latest collection, 6AM Decay.

The genial touch of Aubrey and his unrivalled ability to transport the listener effortlessly and elegantly on a sparse collection of razor edged sounds is evident once again, most notably in the title track. 6AM Decay has already featured on the recent KDD All Stars 001 vinyl release and seen support from Jerome Sydenham and Function. Here it kicks off the new ep and is backed by the cinematic-laboratory soundscape of Retreat.

Respect To All Those Acid Trax, Aubrey's ode to the glory days of the corrosive sound and a track that will only be found on the vinyl pressing of the EP is up next before we are treated to the desolate and percolating rhythms of Pulsewidth. Label boss Master-H closes the release with his rework of Respect To All Those Acid Trax.

Loco Dice – “Master-H’s remix of Respect To All… is a nice one for me!! Supporting!”

Pangea – “Yeah this is a great release! Retreat and 6AM Decay are gonna work well for me.”

Oliver Deutschmann - 6am Decay is great!!! Thanks

Raresh - 6 am decay for me .. thanks a lot

Charles Webster -really like the faves are "retreat" and "rtatat"…both mixes of it are v cool...will play 4 sure..thnx..c

Seth Troxler – “This is an awesome release from Aubrey!! Especially Retreat.”

Ben Sims – “Solid ep from Aubrey. The original of Respect To All… is fucking great!”

Ed Davenport - Awesome! Big Aubrey fan and will slam master H's remix too! Thanks

Adam Beyer – “6AM Decay is such a GREAT record!! Supporting this!”

Danny Howells – “Lovely varied ep… tough to pick a fav but the deep sex of Retreat possibly edges it for me.”

Gerd – “Aubrey is the MAN! All trax rock!!! Pulsewidth is MAD!!”

DVS1 – “Aubrey is dope!! All these tracks have such a solid vibe… Retreat is my fav.”

Samuel L Session – “I fucking love this, very deep and sexy techno for the real heads! Retreat my fav.”

Norman Nodge – “4 Stars for Retreat!! Such a great tune for me!”

Orde(Slam) -another corker - spinning bro !

Rolando – “6AM Decay is THE SHIT! Luv this track! Gonna play this out loads. Master-H remix is also dope! This should get lots of plays from me!!!”

Blawan – “Great release, really feeling "Respect to all those acid Trax" and the Remix ! Will give these a play out for a sure!”

Funk D’Void – “A landmark release for Komplex de Deep!! The vinyl only original is my pick.”

Vince Watson – “Some great oldskool ideas and new skool bringing it together… Vinyl Only mix is my fav.”

Michel de Hey – “Aubrey is still so strong!! And a super remix from Master-H!! J”

Mark Broom – “Strong remix from Master-H. A perfect track for the late night zone!”

Andrew Grant – (Circo Loco) – “I’m loving getting deep on 6AM Decay!! 5/5!!”

Peter van Hoesen – “Finally found some time to listen to this. I like Retreat, this is a very interesting track with great unexpected little edits. Pulsewidth is great too, will definitely play this one at Labyrinth this year, it fits the festival perfectly.

Francois K – “Wonderfully atmospheric, every track tells a story.. Will be playing several at Enter! tonight in Ibiza.

Pfirter – “Finally got the chance to check it out properly and its a great one. 6AM Decay and Retreat are great sounding, functional deep techno, perfect for me. And Respect to all those acid trax is quite special track, will definitely play a lot. Thanks!

Luke Slater – “Another TOP collection of music from Aubrey. Support from me!”
Efdemin – “Sooooo exactly how it should sound. My deepest respect for Aubrey once again.”

Troy Pierce – “This is a nice ep from Aubrey!! 6AM Decay is DOPE!”

Shadow Dancer (Al) – “Retreat's stabby FM sounds are familiar and alien-sounding at the same time. Respect...has an awesome riff and pulsewidth is moody and atmospheric . Great stuff.”

Darko Esser – “Thnx for the heads up for this release!!! Absolute stunner, wouldn't want to miss it for the world.. Beautiful choonage from Aubrey and great remix from H!”

Kevin Gorman – “I LOVE the Acid Trax on this release. Both versions!!

Gary Beck – “Loving Pulsewidth and the Master-H remix. What a lovely record!”

Mr. G – “This is a heavy body of work from Aubrey. Master-H Remix my pick though.”

Daniel Avery – “This is such a great release from Aubrey. I LOVE Respect To All Those Acid Trax!”

Dan Curtin – “Really liking all tracks on this EP and most of he previous EPs over 2 decades for that matter...very diverse EP, every track strong in it's own way, full support..”

Psycatron – “Now this is a lovely release from Komplex De Deep… Master-H’s remix is my pick to play.”

Brendon Moeller – “Respect To All Those Acid Trax is right up there with some of my favorite techno ever! Pulsewidth and 6AM Decay right up my alley too! Well done Aubrey!”

Luke Solomon – “OH DAMN! I LOVE Aubrey and I live this record. Especially Respect To All Those Acid Trax.. New School old school acid!”

Mosca – “Retreat is a great track… Some nice liquid vibes there…”

Ian O’Donovan – “Liking Master H's mix and the subtlety of 6am Decay. Maybe good for my longer sets. Thnx”

D’Julz – “Superb timeless music… all tracks are interesting. 6AM Decay is my fav and the Master-H remix also, ultra phat!”

Nuno dos Santos (Trouw) – “Wow great deep stuff! So cool to hear new stuff from Aubrey. Just recently listened to a couple of old solid groove releases and they all sound timeless like these also do.”

Marcelus – “Very surprised by this one… I think its really original and fresh. Thanx a lot!!”

Rob da Bank – (BBC Radio 1) – “Yes, I like this… Moody and Magical!!”

Makossa – (FM4 Vienna, Austria) – “Now these are some trippy tracks!!”

Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “Very good release that’s full of intriguing sound designs with a futuristic vibe – Pulsewidth is my fav here.”

Simon – (DataTransmisson, Inverted Audio) – “Subtle and gorgeous. Master H's stands out, but the others suit listening in an end to end context.”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “The Master-H remix is SUPERB!!!”

Debug Magazine, Germany – “Considering for review”

Paul C – (Ibiza Voice) – “Deep, alien and classy. Pitching for a review.”

Philip Sherburne – (SPIN, USA) – “This a lovely ep from Aubrey… Especially into the Acid Trax!”

DJ Magazine, Spain – Review confirmed

Dennis Ruyer – (Dance Dept. Radio 538, Holland) – “Pulsewidth is a very sexy record.”

Barry Redsetta – (Spin 1038 Dublin, Ireland) – “Retreat is a real standout out here. Thanks for insisting I listen to it!”


6AM Decay






Respect to all those acid Trax "Master-H" Remix