Master H

Do Ur Thang EP

Its always somewhat of a challenge writing the text for Komplex de Deep releases. Being real fanboys, sometimes it takes all our effort not to go off on procrastinating tangents. Let's just say that eighteen releases in and we've still yet to find a KDD release that even remotely touches the furthest realms of averageness, and this is all down to the great A&R'ing of one, Master-H .

Today the label chief takes centre stage himself with a collection of tracks that, as he's not afraid to admit, he has toiled over for many hours. And thats the beauty of all Komplex De Deep records, the time and effort put into the music is so apparent from the opening bars.

So, for the house music connoisseur, Komplex De Deep and Master-H present the "Do UR Thang!" ep. The title track opens with its stripped kick drums, opens hats and ride cymbal. A vocal riff cuts through before the warmth of the synths washes over us. Bubbling acid undertones lock things tight as a second vocal riff appears and crisp percussion pierces. In the final third and new, uplifting synth melody carries us home. An original Dub completes the A side.

Flip the wax and H opens with his "Strange Feeling" (303 Mix), an intergalactic journey through H's musical solar system. Deep yet epic, its 303 riff playfully bubbles away and delicate synths and organ look to outdo each other in a battle of the chords. Final cut "Say It Loud!" is pure sunshine on wax. The Hammond riffs, the hi-rats whisper and the acid line pops as we then receive a spine-shiver when the piano chords enter the fray. Oh man… which way to the beach?!

Adam Carter

Greg Og - de la bombe ,vraiment la classe ur thang ,le 303 et le say it loud ..bref tout le ep est enorme ,bravo hassen :-)

Iron Curtis - hey guys, thanks alot for sending this! been a komplex-follower for quite some time and this one is great aswell! cheers and thanks again.

Aubrey - Another great ep to the catalog! Love the sounds and feeling on the DO YOUR THANG MIXES..! The, STRANGE FEELING 303 MIX is 100% underground. Amazing production and attention to synth programing on SAY IT LOUD. For me a 4 track ep of different styles all in that KDD style. thanks and full support :)

Christian Prommer - Dope tunes, love do your thang. great. thx

Agoria - great stuff monsieur H

Dairmount - Absolutely stunning quality here. The personality of Hassen is shining through the entire EP. Rooted & always forward thinking, this is a new milestone in the musical history of a man with heart & soul at the right place.

Yousef - "I have a feeling this will be a big summer track. Not 100% on it yet as its a booty track, but i think its a grower too."

Justin Martin - "Really feeling the dub of Do U’r Thang! Proper old school vibes. Sounds new and old at the same time, in the best possible way."

Anja Schneider - "Do UR Thang! dub is VERY cool!!!! I shall be supporting."

Psycatron - "This is classic Master H material!!! WOW!!"

Josh Wink - "Do UR thang Dub is sexy for the summer!! Nice one H. J"

Basti - (Lovebirds) - "All trax are dope and typical H-unique! will download all and then decide which are the ones to play!"

Thugfucker - "Wicked EP!! Lots of great ones on this record but particularly loving the intergalactic vibes of Strange Feeling.. will be giving this some proper action for sure!"

Dave Seaman – “This is great great house music!!”

Mr. G – “Yeah man, solid ep. Feelin’ this 303 mix!! Support!”

Satoshi Tomiie – “I dig his 'Komplex de Deep' vibe 100%, Feeling it!”

Basti - (Tiefschwarz) - "Thanx for the music...great package of music! Say it Loud! really stands out to me."

Peter Kruder - "Killer!!!! Love Do UR Thang! Will play this all summer long. The other tracks are great as well. Excellent 12"."

Soul Clap - "Do UR Thang is perfect for our bigger room sets. Emo smash up house music!"

Dyed Soundorom - "Do UR Thang Dub is sounding very nice! Gonna have to give that a test!"

Orde - (Slam) - "Pure class - great label - top trax - will spin for sure – respect to Master-H! Thanx."

Chymera - "Oooh say it loud is my pick here.. Super sweet, funky and soulful - yuck I hate those words but that's really what it is.. Masterwork!!"

Charles Webster - "Strange Feeling and Say It Loud are my faves here... as ever...quality stuff from KDD!! Thanx."

Laurent Garnier - "Niiice again from Master-H and KDD! Strange Feeling 303 mix my pick here."

Nuno dos Santos - (Trouw) - "Oh WOW! Strange Feeling is my pick here! Deep dirty & exciting! Just the way i like it J"

Dan Curtin - "I think I'm kind of blown away by this record, Do UR Thang! grabbed my attention from the first second, it is full of life and not afraid to just be it's own thing, can't wait to see how people on the floor respond to it, Say it Loud is absolutely fantastic, love the keys, this is gonna tear up the right floor too. On top of all that excellent production and arrangements, full support!"

Luke Solomon - "This is BIONIC!! All over this ep! Great record!"

Diesel - (X-Press 2) - "Really nice deep groove on Say It Loud! Nice atmosphere in there!"

Luca Bacchetti - "Do UR Thang! is such an interesting track.. DUB version the strongest for me I think!"

Funk D’Void – “Once again… lovely stuff from the Master!! Say It Loud!”

Danny Howells – “Strange Feeling is superb!! Rather larger to say the least! J”

Colin Perkins - (Transmit / Spin 1038 Dublin) - "Ace package!! Do Ur Thang!"

Makossa - (Radio fm4 Vienna) - "Good stuff!! Say it Loud!"

Laurent N. - (Nice Radio France) - "Just SUPERB release where all is good. Great stuff by Master H as always. Will play & TOTAL SUPPORT !!!"

Anticlimax - (Radio Grenouille France) - "Do UR Thang!... Already a classic!"

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Terrific sounding release on all counts...especially lovin' the dreamy, melodic Housey vibes of the title cut!"

Roual Galloway - (Faith Fanzine / Radio) - "Strange is nice and simple but with great effect."


Kev O - (DataTransmission) - "Luscious.. beautiful music all around!"

Ignacio - ( - "Nice release! I like Strange Feelin a lot!"

Sven - (FAZE Magazine Germany) - "Strange Feeling 303 mix is okay!" - "Considering for review."

De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."

Tsugi Magazine France - "Do UR Thang is a nice one."

Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "Do UR Thang! sure..Thanks for the music."

Greg Fenton - (Magazine - "Strange Feeling 303 mix is a good track."

Sergio Bifeis - (Beatbuguer) - "Do UR Thang is fantastic track for dancefloor’s revolution."

Andy Baxter - (Pacha & Cafe Mambo Ibiza) - "Nice Journey Do UR Thang! Great vibe on this ep. Support."

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Wowww! really cool sound here! Say it Loud! is bomba! Full support from my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio."

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) - "Do UR Thang! Dub Mix & Say it Loud my fav. Support."

Steve Parry - (Juice FM UK) "Very nice package!!!"

Paul Corey - (Resident Advisor) - "Good stuff, has a nice degree of edge."

Marcus Barnes – (RA/Ibiza Voice/Independent) – “Yeah this is real nice man, thanks a bunch. Review pitched as always...”


Do UR thang !


Do UR thang ! dub


Strange feeling 303 mix


Say it loud !