Concrete Land EP

Master-H's Komplex De Deep imprint continue in their mission to bring us fresh, forward thinking and always unique electronic music. At almost a year to the day since we first introduced him to the world, KDD welcomes back the hugely talented, Ifume.

Having blown us away with last years "Polaroid Love" ep, his first ever official release, he returns with another stunning selection of music. Born in Japan and raised Brazil, Ifume has always been surrounded by an exotic variety of music. Whilst his aptitude was apparent at an early age, learning piano and guitar, Ifume never really exhibited a desire to pursue a career in music. However, upon graduating from school and through his friends, Ifume discovered the joys of the local club scene. Here his passion was ignited.

Whilst his sound is far from obvious, it does mirror his love for the New York, Detroit and Chicago scenes. He may well have been too young to experience at first hand, the early sounds coming out of those cities. But his love of the gritty, unpolished and brutally honest sounds of the 80's and early 90's, can be heard in his own intricate productions.

The twelve month wait for our second helping of Ifume, pales upon hearing this timeless piece of work. Lead track "Concrete Land" sees the young producer stripping things to the core. Glitchy melody, kick drum and single-kick bass are all thats needed here. On the somewhat strangely named 'Dub' version, Ifume treats us to a glistening shower of textured synths, warm bass and perfect percussion. A beautiful trip. From the darkened dancefloors to the sun-drenched beaches with "Jam At Haystack." Recreating the finest of 70's Latin sounds this Santana'esque number is the perfect beach party soundtrack.

Adam Carter

Gilbert Versatile - innovative,kinda fucked up(espcecially the original) sweet ep full support

Dairmount - Feeling the dub & great surprise with the Jam track. Always the mark of a great A&R! Thanks bro

Andrée Lodemann - i like the dub + jam at haystack

Funk D'Void - lovely stuff...shall defo play!!!

Arnaud Le Texier - "Concrete Land main & dub are really great tracks!"

- "Jam At Haystack is the real winner!!! Really good track!!! thnks."

UNER - "Wow!! Surprised!!! Love Concrete Land so much!! Deepfreak! J"

Fritz Zander - "Wow! The Concrete Land dub is really impressive! I like this a lot!"

Danny Howells - "The Dub of Concrete Land is perfect early evening or after-hours goodness .. love it!"

Till von Sein - "The dub of Concrete Land is beautiful...such a great vibe! But HEY! The Jam At Haystack...oulala! That’s my jam!!!! Cant wait to drop it.. how dope....thx for sending.."

Tom Findlay - (Groove Armada) - "The Main mix is stunning, the whole feel of the track is incredible, and it sounds brilliant. Huge props Ifume!"

Manuel Tur - "Jam At Haystack is HOT!! Great record!!”

Melon - "Jam At Haystack sounds nice to me. Good work Ifume, gonna be checking this for sure."

Fred Everything - "The first track almost had me turn around (bit too experimental for me) but I'm glad I checked out the rest of the EP which gets better with every song. Very original and tasty, thx."

jozif - "Really liking the Concrete Land dub - perfect for the earlier slots.. Thanx."

Tedd Patterson - (Cielo/ NYC) - "Full support! This dub is hella sexy. Also into Jam In Haystack. I’m on it!!"

Hector Romero - "A beautiful trip indeed - wicked grooves. Main mix for me here."

Gerd - "The Concrete Land Dub is sounding real nice. Thanks for sending guys!"

Dario Zenker - "Dub of Concrete Land is lovely!! J Support."

Nuno dos Santos - "Special tracks indeed!! Concrete dub is my fav!"

Brendon Moeller - "The main mix of Concrete Land is just GREAT!"

Terence - "Really original release. I like this kind of experimental, minimal vibe mixed with something we know, def quality sound!! Thanks for the music!"

Charles Webster - "Jam At Haystack is lovely. Well done Ifume.. Thnx!"

Daso - "Wow that’s some eclectic mixes, dig the boldness. The Concrete Land dub is my fav."

Guy J - "Dub mix of Concrete Land is best for me here. Really nice. Thnx and good luck!"

Satoshi Tomiie - "Intelligent / experimental stuff, I like it. Digging Jazzy / Brazilian vibe of Jam At Haystack as well as Dub of Concrete Land."

The Revenge - "Nice stuff from Ifume ... The Dub and Jam At Haystack will get some love from me. Thanks."

Laurent Garnier - "Hummmmmm c'est bon ça ----direct das mes caisses de disques."

Nico Lahs - "One of my favourite labels! The Dub mix is strong!"

Ben Westbeech - "Loving the Concrete Land Dub on this release. Gonna be rollin this out for sure..."

Jimpster - "Concrete Land Dub is stunning!! Wow, looking forward to playing this at the weekend. Right up my street. Nice one."

Sasse - "Dub is the one for me, massive deepness attack, I feel the love.. is there vinyl available?!"

Lee Jones - "Nice vibe throughout this EP. Well done. Will play Jam At Haystack."

AFFKT - "Wow! Jam At Haystack is MAGIC!!"

Vince Watson - "The dub is awesome and Jam At Haystack will also get a play somewhere.. good shit!!"

Andy Baxter - (Pacha & Cafe Mambo Ibiza) - "Concrete Land (Main) is strange but very cool. Will find a place to spin this."

Ashley Beedle - "Loving Jam At Haystack. Real warmth and a killer groove. Big support."

Jeremy - (Dumb-Unit) - "Good grooves on Concrete land! Sounding nice .. "

Alland Byallo - "YES! I'm loving this EP. Komplex De Deep is really pushing quality deep house. Love the dub here. Thanks!"

Christian Prommer - "Yeah… Jam At Haystack is a great tune!!"

Diesel - (X-Press 2) - "Great package - shall support the dub for sure!!"

Club Madnezz Radio Holland - "I really miss the summer. Jam At Haystack is gold."

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Jam is beautiful !!! perfect sound for my shows on Ibiza Global Radio full support."

Makossa - (Radio fm4 / Vienna) - "Jam At Haystack sounds interesting."

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) - "Nice tracks but the Dub gets Full Support!"

Stuart Patterson - (Faith Fanzine / Radio) - "Its the dub of concrete land for me and really enjoying Jam At Haystack, lovely summer vibes for .. err the middle of january .."

Scan Mode - (DJ Magazine Spain) - "Nice tunes but like the dub the most."

Only For DJ's Magazine - "Excellent audio treatment and minimal vibes on Concrete Land. The contrast with Jam At Haystack's bossa feeling is quiet crazy!!! Real talent J"

Soundwall.it - "Deep! Jam At Haystack here!!"

David Yoshitomi - (Magnetic Magazine) - "Jam At Haystack is dark and techy and mysterious."

Bradley - (In The Deep End-Australia) - "Gripped as soon as the first bass note hit on Concrete Land. Very industrious vibes throughout. The Dub is much better in my opinion, it seems as though the main mix was a bit of a practice of experimentation for Ifume. The dub functions much better, lovely sounds too. Jam At Haystack was a huge suprise to be honest, such summery sounds after hearing the main concrete land. Really nice vibe"

De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."

Ji-Hun - (De:Bug Magazine Germany) - "I love EVERY Komplex de Deep!!"

Tsugi Magazine France - "Cool ep!! Concrete Land (Main) for sure."

Jan - (Dance Dept. Radio 538 Holland) - "Nice! My fave is Jam At Haystack."

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Love the slow building grooves of the Dub mix!"

Roual Galloway - (Faith Fanzine / Radio) - "Dark and dreamy A cut but afro disco on the flip - cool."

Kev O - (DataTransmission) - "Love the Dub. Main mix is certainly interesting to listen to, but not more than once or twice. JAm at Haystack is fantastic, really blurring the line between electronic and analog dance music... has thst real 70s island disco band style about it. Cool!"

DJ Mag Italia - "Up for review."


Concrete land


Concrete land dub


Jam at haystack