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Komplex de deep vol.1

If you are a purveyor of pure house music, then Master-H's Komplex De Deep imprint is one to always be checked. From the deepest of the deep to the most euphoric and melodic. Smokey jazzy touches to throbbing basement bass and beats, we have seen it all.

It has never been about releasing each and every month, simply to feed the masses. No. KDD has always been about releasing the very best in deep, sometimes jazzy, sometimes techy, yet always quality electronic music with Soul. The label has already hosted music from the likes of, Chymera, Francois Dubois, Greg Oreck, Matthias Vogt ,MANIK,Ifume ,Master-H and Aubrey…

De:Bug Magazine - "With every release we make KOMPLEX DE DEEP house music label of the year!"

I-DJ Magazine - "They may not release music that often, but the output from Master-H's Komplex De Deep imprint is inevitably worth the wait".

Now into its third year Komplex De Deep take a look back over their catalogue and for the first time present a compilation of their music. Compiled and mixed by label chief Master-H. "We have seen 15 vinyl and digital releases in first three years and are proud of the talented producers on our roster. All are represented in this 100 minute mix. I can describe it best as 'deepness selected with love.'"

KOMPLEX DE DEEP VOL1 compilation is released October 7th and features music from; Christian Prommer, Chymera, Dairmount & Berardi, Tokyo Black Star, Greg Oreck ,M A N I K, Aubrey, Matthias Vogt and many more!

Adam Carter

Osunlade - lovely rounded project..

Halo City Deep - Wow amazing comp really loving the Tokyo Black Star Remix, full support.

Guido Minsky - Komplex De Deep est la meilleure chose qui soit arrive à la house dans ces années 10. Pour l'auditeur, c'est un honneur de partager avec vous ce trip qui prend ses racines dans le passée mais regarde vers le futur. Love,

Greg Oreck - Kudos to our man Master H who's built this label from the ground up and kept everything absolute top quality from beginning to now. Much more to look out for in the future, happy to be part of this family!

Darko Esser - A lot of tunes I know & love, but there are a few I missed somehow. Shame on me ;) Great to get a rematch. Great selection & mix!!

M A N I K - KDD always top notch :) thanks !

Orde Meikle Slam - Master H - Master piece

Fred Everything - Very nice, will check to discover or re-discover some of the tracks from the label, thx!

Cosmo Vitelli - Like I said, KDD always come back with the unexpected, they\'re one of my fave labels of the moment. Full support

James Blonde - will play this lovely music on sweat lodge radio

Vince Watson - gonna give this a few stuff..

Rocco (Rodamaal) - Nice Techno with Deep Soul on this compilation especially with these tracks i like and will play !"Manik"reminds me Fcom releases from the 90's !I like this Francois Dubois & Master H 'Rise' Original also Super Dub of 'Out of this life take1' ! François Dubois as i like he produce !Deep and Dreamy on Matthias Vogt 'Höfats' -Detrtoit !

Felix Feygin - one of the best deep house labels in the world.. really great to have a collection of these amazing tracks, for the car on the continuous mix and singles for the club.

Stephan Vacher (Standard Hotel LeBain NYC) - KDD is the Shit!

Nacho Marco - Lovely deep tracks, full support.

Tiago fragateiro COMPOSITE - This is gold! love it all!

Remain - yes, huge track selection !


Master H feat Alice Orpheus 'My Lady' main


M A N I K 'Makemake' Original


Chymera 'For the lonely' Original


Francois Dubois & Master H 'Rise' Origina


Master H feat Geoffrey Secco 'Stabs call' Dub


Master H feat Alice Orpheus 'Out of this life take1' Dub


Ifume 'BacklaSh' part 1


Hofäts - Francois Dubois rmx


Francois Dubois & Master H 'Melody' Master H Detroit vision


Master H feat Alice Orpheus 'I am a drifter who can't let go' Dairmount & Berardi Peaktime perspective


Master H feat Geoffrey secco 'Stabs Call' Christian Prommer Jam rmx


Chymera 'The Rumours of my demise' Original


Aubrey 'High Pass Highway' Master H edit


Chymera 'Ceril' Original




Aubrey 'Rhythm Jism' Original


Ifume 'Polaroid love' Original


Aubrey 'Harlequin Opal' Original


Master H & Greg Oreck 'Coffee is ecstasy' Tokyo Black Star rmx