Master-H & Alice Orpheus

I Am A Drifter Who Can't Let Go EP

Exclusive are rapidly running out of superlatives to describe the work of Komplex de Deep and its label chief, Master-H. The label's wonderfully varied and exotic releases have ranged from the beautiful down-tempo tones of Alice Orpheus , the creative genius of Christian Prommer , to the driving house flavours of Francois Dubois.

Release number 014 sees Master-H once again team up with Alice Orpheus. Having already impressed with their previous production, 2010's "Out Of This Life Take 1 ", the pair again serve up a slice of deliciously avant-garde vocal deepness. Alice's skills, as a Professor of Jazz Composition, are as equally employed as his vocal talent and together with the undisputed studio skills of Master-H, the pair have created a masterpiece.

"I Am A Drifter Who Can't Let Go" finds Alice's vocals soothing the broken beats and crisp percussion, all played live by H. As with previous Master-H releases, the French producer backs his original with a Dub mix. The "Moody Dub", whilst making use of the original's percussive elements, treads a tougher path, eagerly encouraged by the addition of a powerful, acidic synth melody.

To remix the original is a daunting task indeed, and accepting the job are a duo who themselves run a label that exudes quality. Dairmount, the head of Room With A View, and Barardi, are currently riding the wave of support for their fantastic rework of Jimpster's "Alsace & Lorraine" (Freerange) and provide not one, but two remixes of "I Am Drifter Who Can't Let Go." Their 'Downtime Perspective' bathes us in its melodic synth waves, whereas their 'Peaktime Perspective' comes with the kickdrum and Detroit'esq synths.

Adam Carter

Soul Clap – “His original is on some special weird deep in the jungle warehouse. Gonna see if we can let the tigers out...”

Richard Ahmed - (Crosstown Rebels) - "Love I Am A Drifter Who Can't Let Go Original. Will Play."

Ewan Pearson – “Love the rave-bassed Dairmont and Beradi mixes. Yep!”

Ashley Beedle – “What a fantastic EP. It really stands out from the crowd.”

Manuel Tur – “Oh yes, I love the original mix here. Support!”

Coyu – “Komplex De Deep always delivers brilliant stuff. The original is great, but the remixes of D&B are outstanding.”

M A N I K – “Some nice sounds here for sure~ KDD never lets me down! Downtime my fav.”

Agnes – “The Drumapella is really cool. Will play it!”

Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “The original is ACE!!”

Josh Wink – “Good release! Like the Dairmount & Berardi drumapella. Is there a dub of the D&B Mixes?"

Neil Aline (Chez Music)-great moody song. full support on orginal mix and dub.

Alex Neri – “This is a really cool package… support from me. Peaktime Perspective my pick.”

Feygin – “As always KDD brings only the very best in deep house. Massive original, blistering remixes.. speechless. 10/10.”

AFFKT – “Really nice productions!!!! Will definitely support this release.”

Brothers Vibe – “One of my favs right now!!! Love the mood of the Downtime Perspective.”

Nuno dos Santos - "Yeah the Moody dub for me! Nice one! Support!"

Anthony Collins - "Drumapella is wicked!!!!"

Charles Webster - "Original mix is my fave..tho all mixes are very cool.."

Marcin Czubala - "Great package, really interesting and fresh sounding!"

Richard Ahmed - (Crosstown Rebels) - "Love I Am A Drifter Who Can't Let Go Original. Will Play."

UNER - "My 10/10 to Komplex... absolutely love it... i can't believe I’m listen this masterpiece... thanks for the music!!!!! Oh shit!!!!"

Pawas - "Love the original of this release!!!"

Laurent Garnier - "C'est la classe les mixs de Dairmount & Berardi."

Leigh Morgan (Urbatorque) -high quality beats from the Komplex De Deep crew, wicked as per usual, spinning this weekend and in the box
Lovebirds-great package! can decide which i like best!

Aubrey -Original deep and moody love it :)

James blonde(Sweat Lodge radio) - great package with some of my favorite artists at the moment

Tom Findlay - (Groove Armada) - "Great track, love the moody dub. Will play."

Adam Port - "Nice trip in here. But a little bit too much different versions. Original and Drumapella for me. Hope to choose the right one?"

Hector Romero - "Original mix is moody as hell and I love it."

Funk D'Void - "Lovely stuff here...Dairmount & Berardi mixes rock!!"

Ralf Lawson - "Drumapella is super good!! Support from me..."

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Wow! Fantastic! Will be a num 1 in my morning sounds on Ibiza Global Radio. Perfect tracks."

Pablo D - ( - "Experimental moments and like a vocal of Alice Orpheus...nice ep!"

Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "The Moody dub is my favorite from the lot. Not crazy about the vocal."

Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “The original mix will get our love.”

Diversions – (CHRY Toronto) – “Like the deep, dense murky sound of the original mix!”

Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “The D+B remixes work well! Will play ‘em.”

Russ - (i-DJ magazine) - "Seriously deep shiznit!"

De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."

Marco - (DJ Mag Italia) - "Serious deepness."

Tsugi Magazine France - "Cooool ep."

Peter Kruder - "Far out stuff. Love the vocals on the Original.The Dub is great as well. The Dairmount & Barardi Mixes are KILLER as well. Great 12". Will play this."

Diesel - (X-Press 2) - "I Am A Drifter Who Can't Let Go is really nice and emotive!!"

Voitek - (Catz 'n Dogz) - "I like the Moody dub a lot! Will def play this."

Brett Johnson - "Really nice work on the Dairmount & Berardi Downtime perspective. Will play!"

Craig Richards - (Fabric London) - "Refreshing. Something I can definitely play. Moody dub poss my fav."

Doc Martin - "Will give the Moody dub a go! Thanx for sending."

Stuart Patterson - (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "Liking the broken vibe of the moody dub .."

Pau Roca - ( - "Great work, I love the Daimount remix nº1!"

Mike B - ( - "Original's a bit different! Class vocal."

Ji-Hun Kim – (De:Bug Magazine Germany) - "I Am A Drifter Who Can't Let Go is super."

Victor - (DJ Magazine Spain) - "Superb release, something different, original, and the remixes are ace!"




Moody Dub


Dairmount & Berardi Downtime perspective


Dairmount & Berardi Peaktime perspective


Dairmount & Berardi Drumapella


Press / web


IDJ Magazine UK - Spoken poetry warps into mournful wailing over über-deep beats on this latest release from KDD. Dairmount & Berardi provide (slightly) more freindly rubs.

DE:BUG Magazine - Was für ein Track .Die beiden entfachen auf dem Original eine so deepe, aus dem Nichts der Sehnsucht aufblitzende Soulnummer, dass men mitten in den tragischen Vocals fast vergisst, dass man immer noch auf dem Dancefloor ist. Einer der Vocaltracks des Jahres, dass weiss man selbst beim ersten Hören. Und dabei treibt im Hintergrund dennoch immer wieder dieseer einfache Schuffle und die betörend weitläufigen Dubs den Track so sehr a, dass die Euphorie einfach vom Boden abhet. Dazu kommen drei Remixe von Dairmount & Berardi, die dem Stück vor allem in der "Peaktime Perspective" dises Flair eines Technohits aus der Tiefe der Urzeiten vermitteln (erinnert sich noch wer an Planet Earth ?) dabei aber dennoch die Vocals bis ins letzte als Ravemoment ausreizen. Monster.


DJ Magazine Italia - E qui siamo dalle parti della poesia. Master H cucina un numero più deep delle lacrime, accordi di piano distonici con una cassa sghemba broken su cui la voce incredibile di Alice Orpheus va di anima dura a tagliare i cuori. Qua le teste house andranno con l’ottimo remix di Dairmount & Berardi che spiano e gonfiano la cassa dritta immergendola in cumuli di synth senza perdere un minimo di deepness

Radio plays

X-Press 2 – MoS Radio – 09/06/11 – Peaktime Mix