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Back 2 Raw EP

With Ifume's first ever release "Polaroid Love" EP still fresh on our decks and receiving many props from around the globe, Master-H's exotic Komplex De Deep imprint, for their next release, turn to a far more established artist in the form of label regular, Francois Dubois .

Whilst his Techno alias Funk D'Void has taken the lion's share of the plaudits for many years, Lars Sandberg's other alter ego has, in recent times, shone just as brightly. Whilst the tough beats of FDV are firmly routed in his Scottish homeland, its no doubt the warmer climate of his Spanish residence that enthuses and drives the deeper and smoother sounds of Francois Dubois.

Releases and remixes from the Francophile have graced such labels as Urban Torque, Plastic City, Freerange and Buzzin Fly. Today's release marks the producer's fourth appearance on Komplex De Deep, having launched the label with "Melody" alongside Master-H, with whom he also joined forces again on 004, the superb "Rise EP". This was immediately followed by his remix of Matthias Vogt's "Hofats."

With 013, the "Back To Raw" EP, we find Francois Dubois combining the trademark deepness with a touch of electronic muscle. Unmistakably Dubois, both the title track and "Uprock" on the flip, will also provide a most refreshing of surprises. Not only that, but the "Back To Raw" EP will be the only Francois Dubois release of 2011. Exclusively on Komplex De Deep.

Adam Carter

Steve Bug - "Uprock is definitely the one for me here. Support."

Satoshi Tomiie - "A really cool EP! Supporting!"

Butch - "Back 2 Raw is really nice and deep!" – “Back To Raw is a good one! Support.”

Laurent Garnier - "Encore du tres bon --- Merci pour ces deux beaux morceaux."

D'Julz - "Vive la deep!!!! J"

Andy Cato - (Groove Armada) - "Its always a good news to listen to a new Francois dubois EP. My fav is Uprock, it says it all. dope!"

Dave Seaman - "Very cool vibes on both of these cuts!"

Danny Howells - "Superb as always from Mr Dubois!"

Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul) - "OMG, loving both tracks! H, pleeeeaaaaseeee.... need some yummie vinyl of this beauty! J"

Felix - (Hot Chip) - "Full support for Uprock, great techy track."

Guy J - "Top release , loving both tracks, full support!"

UNER - "Big fan!!! Ace, nice, super, amazing, cool, wicked, superb, mmmm something more! Love it!!!!"

The Timewriter - "Uprock all the way. Lars delivers yet again another top notch production. In the box!!"

Feygin - "Uprock.. thats where its at! KDD doin’ it right!"

Brothers' Vibe - "Feelin' Back 2 Raw..."

Sasse - "Dubois knows his shit - well done Lars! Love both tunes and will happily rock any floor with them!"

Ben Westbeech - "OOOOWEEEEE! Back 2 Raw! BADNESS!"

AFFKT - "Really great music from Francois Dubois and KDD!"

Club Madnezz Holland - "Cool underground."

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas RadioShow) - "Great music, i love the bassline."

Thomas Tuft - (Juice FM) - "2 killers!!!"

Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "Uprock is my favourite. Support." - "Uprock is our favourite here."

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Back 2 Raw!!! Deep and cool sound full support from Ibiza Global Radio."

Frank - (i-DJ Magazine) - "Cool spacey prog sound. Nice work."

Scan Mode - (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) _ "OMG! Uprock for me!"

Russ - (iDJ magazine) - "Well up to KDD's usual high standard (and of course Lars's)."

De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for Review."

Tsugi Magazine France - "Nice ep."

Paul Hamill - (Across The Line-BBC Ulster) - "Dubois doing the business. Loving Back 2 Raw."

Stuart Patterson – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “Quality as we’d expect from KDD and Lars.”

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Quality release - both cutz sounding deeply nice!"

Darren Watts - ( - "Excellent. Record Of The Day…"

Marco - (DJ Mag Italia) - "Back 2 Raw is ace."


Back To Raw




Press / web

I-DJ Magazine – Funk D’Void comes the ever-excellent Komplex De Deep wearing his housier Francois Dubois disguise. ‘Back To Raw’ itself is surprisingly upbeat, techy and driving for this label, but still good. It’s B-side ‘Uprock’ that’s floating my boat more though: a bubbling little deep groover with proggy overtones. 8/10