Polaroïd love EP

i-DJ Magazine, when reviewing Komplex de Deep's last release from Chymera, stated "They may not release music that often, but the output from Master-H’s Komplex De Deep imprint is inevitably worth the wait." It's that time taken, and the A&R work of the label chief, that confidently gives us the knowledge that each and every release from the KDD stable, has been thoughtfully created, studied and signed.

The label has already played host to music from a variety of artists. Many well known, and some, as in the case of vocalist Alice Orpheus, being introduced for the first time. Today Master-H looks to once again bring forth new talent, as he presents not only a debut for KDD, but also the very first release for Japanese producer, Ifume.

Born in Japan, and raised in Brazil, Ifume has always been exposed to a variety of musical influence. Whilst his musical aptitude was apparent at early age, learning piano and guitar, Ifume never really exhibited a desire to pursue a career in music. Upon graduating from high-school, Ifume, through his friends, discovered the local club scene, and it was here that his passion was ignited.

Today, Ifume is set to join the new wave of young, exciting house producers. Whilst his sound is far from obvious, it does mirror his love for the New York, Detroit and Chicago scenes. He may well have been too young to experience at first hand, the early sounds coming out of those cities. But his love of the gritty, unpolished and brutally honest sounds of the 80's and early 90's, can be heard in his own intricate productions.

Showcasing quite frighteningly mature production skills, Ifume presents four stunning deep house cuts. Exclusively analog, each one exudes that delectable warmth of sound throughout. This really is a debut release to savour ladies and gents. Listen, download and support Ifume and Komplex de Deep...


Adam Carter

Phil Dairmount (Room With A View) - " New talent alert here! this is a release with balls & identity as I wish to hear more often. Backlash in the box already for saturday..."

M A N I K - "Very good stuff as usual brotha! KDD in the house!"

Alex From Tokyo - Yes I! Bringing me back to the early deep french beautifully smoooooth deep house sound!! All 4 mixes are STRONG. Definitely my vibe. Loving this! WE ARE STAYING DEEEEPP!! I would love to meet Nanako. Tres bon. Big up!!!

Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "Backlash is good late night stuff!"

Feygin - "In love with this whole ep. KDD is a true stable for deep house..my fav on this EP would have to be Nanako's Song.. so much feeling here.. 10/10!"

DJ Yellow - "Backlash part 1 is really cool ... will def play and support this release."

Laurent Garnier - "Hummmmm , ça grooove bien ça Yesssssssssss!"

Le Loup - "One more amazing release for KDD! Really like the Namako's Song. Support!"

Osunlade - "Its all about Backlash pt II. Diggin the entire sound of the project however!"

Arnaud Le Texier - "Blacklash is great!!"

Danny Howells – “Superb release!!”

Dave DK - "Backlash part one is for me, nice tune!"

Okain - "Really good release. All tracks are brilliant and it’s very difficult to tell you now which one is my fav."

Deetron - "Backlash Part 1 is really great, love it and Part II is nice as well."

Brothers' Vibe - "Very cool - will play Polaroid Love!!"

ZDAR - (Cassius) - "SUPA!!!!!! LOVIN' IT BOYS… SUPER."

Hector Romero - "Proper grooves as always on Komplex - really feeling this EP!"

Club Madnezz Holland - "Nice minimal."

Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "Nanoko's song for me. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio."

Stuart Patterson - (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "KDD really a label to watch for me.. again something i'll be palying for a while is backlash part 2."

Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "Nanako's Song incredible..my support!! Great music."

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas RadioShow) - "Great music!"

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Really good work - will support - Nanako's Song is my fave!"

Colin Perkins - (Spin 1038/Play FM - Dublin) - "Polaroid Love and Backlash do it for me!"

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Cool stuff here!!! Love to play it Asap in my radio shows full support from Ibiza Global Radio!"

Scan Mode - (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) - "Polaroid Love is the one for me! Amazing tracks in this release! Full support!"

Bleed - (De:Bug Magazine Germany) - "Review to follow."

Tsugi Magazine France - "Nice ep!"

Marco - (DJ Mag Italia) - "Nanako's song is cool."

Danny Howells - "Superb release - cheers!"

Terry Francis - (Fabric London) - "Nanako's song is a nice groover."

Milton Jackson - "Loving the beats and vibes on Nanako's song."

Alland Byallo - "Nanako's Song and Backlash 1 are great!"

Ian Pooley - "Polaroid love is a cool Track, will play it tonight!"

Peter Kruder - "Love Nanakos Song. Great infectious groove and i dig the chords in the far back that peek out from time to time. Backlash 1 is a Killer. Looove that guitar. Wicked. Backlash 2 is cool as well. Great 12"."

Ralf - "Nanako's song - Looooove it!!!"

Pablo D - (Klubbers.com) - "Mental tech house with a good melodies. Like it!"

Roual Galloway - (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "Nice strolling feel to Backlash."

Victor - (DJ Magazine Spain) - "Very nice EP. Polaroid Love and Nanako are favourite of mine. This label is definitely a sign of quality, love it!"

DJ Mag Italia - "Considering for review."



Polaroïd Love


Nanoko's song


Backlash part I


Backlash part II


Press / web

Deejay Magazine Spain - Ya es de todos sabido que somos amantes de la buena musica, del buen deep y de la elegancia. Y Komplex es un sello que referencia tras referencia, y llegada la que hace numero 12, nos ha demostrado que podemos englobarlo dentro de estos adjetivos. Nuevo EP con 4 cortes intensos, profundos, con buenos aires de ritmos calientes y con una mezcla oriental y brasileña en la sangre capaz de helar cualquier pista a ritmo de buen groove, Ifume, nos presenta su particular vision de la electronica. 7 / 10 Mix Destacado: Polaroid Love

DJ Magazine Espana - El sello del productor Frances Master H lleva ya doce singles de una calidad altísima. No se prodigan de manera continua, pero cada publicación es como un vino bueno, se ha madurado. Ifume, el productor japones a en Brasil es el encargado de esta duodecima entrega. Los cuatro cortes tienen ese sonido orgánico que podemos encontrar en sellos como Freerange. ‘Polaroid Love’ y ‘Nanako`s song’ tienen unos sonidos calidos y son probablemente los más indicados para la pista de baile. ‘Backlash’ con sus dos partes son los más instrumentales, con el uso de un sintetizador de sonidos más agudos y con un ritmo trotón (parte II) mientras que su compañero (parte I) tiene un incesante sonido de cuerda con un bajo hipnotico. Calidad. 8.0

De:Bug Magazine Germany – Wie immer, ich bin Fan. Diese Platte ist unschlagbar. “Back-lash” kickt mit extrem einfachern Groove und einer merkwurdigen Funkgitarre (sonst ein Grund meine Ohren aus dem Fenster zu werfen) so lassig und abstract, so nah und nostalgisch, so Frisch uns uberragend zugleich, dass ich gerne einen zweiten Part davon nehme. Der steckt wiederum voller sprieBender Detroitmelodien, die einem das Gluck unter die Haut treiben. Dazu noch der schwer schummrig uberdeepe “Naoko’s Song” und das machtig tanzeind verdrehte “Polaroid Love.” Hat alles, was man braucht, diese Platte. Und das ist bei Komplex De Deep eighentlich auch immer so.