For the Lonely EP

At Exclusive, we are extremely proud and protective of our roster of labels. For many, we have been there from the very beginning, and there is nothing more satisfying for us, than to watch our labels grow, and receive the recognition they deserve.

Master-H's Komplex De Deep may only be 10 releases old but, due to its consistent quality, and unrelenting mission of releasing unique pieces of music, unbound by genre, it has quite rightly built a strong following who eagerly await each and every release, to see just what the French label chief will bring us next.

After wowing us with his very own 'Stabs Call' last month, H has turned to his favourite Irishman to usher in the end of the year. A regular on the label, Chymera has already lent his remix skills on KD004, and released the excellent 'The Rumours Of My Demise', back in December of last year.

Today he brings us two of his very finest in stunningly beautiful, piano laden 'For The Lonely', and the superbly emotive, crowd-pleaser that is 'Ceril'. On the remix of 'For The Lonely', the Irish are in full force, as Fish Go Deep back their countryman with an excellent and thorough reworking. The EP is rounded out in style with a Master-H 'Detroit Vision' take on 'Ceril'.

With each and every release, the excitement and admiration grows for what Master-H is achieving with label. Keep it DEEP!

Adam Carter

Varoslav - "Fish Go Deeeeeeep! I like it!"

Hector Romero - "Beautiful music! Love it and will play For The Lonely!!"

Orde Meikle - (Slam) - "For The Lonely - fucking fantastic - simple!"

Nuno dos Santos - "Oh yesss finally Ceril gets a proper release! Pure magic! Master H remix is also very special! Full support to the max! J"

Laurent Garnier - "Ahhhhhh le voila le fameuuuu Cymera sur ton label ----putain c'est bonnnnn!"

Lee Curtiss - "Cool deep cuts!"

Nick Warren - "Lovely n full of class, both original mixes for me."

The Timewriter - "Master-H Detroit Vision Mix is ace. Something for the early morning madness in the club. Will play."

Hernan Cattaneo - "Fish Go Deep excellent stuff!"

Till von Sein - "Bren really on the roll right now..lots of good stuff from my favourite irish producer.. really dig the Fish Go Deep remix. Good stuff! Ceril is beautiful."

Darren Emerson - "Fish Go Deep Remix is good for me!"

Catz n Dogz - "Master-H Detroit Vision is DOPE!"

Danny Howells - "Top notch, wicked package and full support."

Radio Slave - " shit from Chymera! And the mixes sound dope...Definitely a track to brighten up these autumn days and nights!"

UNER - "I love Komplex de Deep.... superb relase from one of my fav labels nowadays! I can't choose a favorite..."

Dave Seaman - "Quality as always from Chymera."

Feygin - "As with all KDD releases.. the quality is outstanding! The remixes are on point.. the originals are excellent. One of my fav labels!"

M A N I K - "Once again KDD hits it big! Love this release. Chymera and Master H in the house! Proud to be apart of the family guys..."

Craig Richards - (Fabric London) - "Fish Go Deep mix is great. Master H mix is excellent."

Satoshi Tomiie - "Really cool deep house - tech action. Feeling it!"

Milton Jackson - "Fantastic label, going from strength to strength with this release."

Guy J - "Fish Go Deep Remix for me. Full support!!"

Brothers' Vibe - "ACE release - Full support!"

Deetron - "5*'s for For The Lonely - love it!!"

Desyn Masiello (sos) - "Fish Go Deep Remix for me. Sublime!"

Shlomi Aber - "The original for the lonely is interesting."

Samuel L Session - "For The Lonely is class! All good!"

Riva Starr - "Love Ceril!!!"

Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "I think the Detroit edit or the Fish Go Deep edit pushes it for me. Probably leaning towards Detroit. Will feature on Ceoltronic."

Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama / Floor Radio Italy) - "Finally!!!! Some people has decided that the deep house remix had to be done with REAL deep house music. For the lonely original will probably be one of my tunes of the year. FGD remix is also good. Ceril reminds me of good Nu Groove shit."

Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "Great Remix from Fish Go Deep!!... Good track of Chymera.. Will be play."

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas RadioShow) - "Great rhythms, excellent sounds...Supported!"

Stuart Patterson - (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "Another great Chymera release, love original of Ceril.. will play club + radio.."

Craig - (Mixmag) - "The Fish Go Deep Remix is gorgeous!!"

Russ - (i-DJ magazine) - "More quality deepness from KDD!"

Kev O – (Datatransmission) - "Easily one of the best overall EP's I have heard this year. Amazing originals and perfect remix choices to turn these amazing songs into viable club tracks as well. Perfection. Other labels should be taking note on how to compile a proper EP!"

Scan Mode - (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) - "Superb! Five stars! Always like Chymera!"

Ben - (DJ Magazine UK) - "Nice EP!!"

Tsugi Magazine France - "For The Lonely is a nice one."


King Unique - "Lovely harmonic strangeness & rolling bass working for me."

Ralf - "Ceril. No doubt.."

Tedd Patterson - (Cielo/ NYC) - "Wow! Huge supporter of Chymera... This is a perfect example of why... Solid package all the way!"

AFFKT - "Loving the Chymera´s style, high quality stuff!"

Lee Jones – (MyMy) - "Absolutely loving For the Lonely original. Great chord progression. Lovely piano sound."

Coyu - "10/10 all the tracks are AMAZING. Loving Komplex De Deep since the first release."

Peter Kruder - "Loooove those harmonies of For The Lonely Original. The Master H Remix is great as well. Will play this out mos def."

Alexkid - "For The Lonely original is my fav , but F*me Master-H mix is epic :)"

Michel Cleis - "Really nice ep!!"

KiNK - "Really nice! For the Lonely (original) is very special track. The rest of the tracks / remixes are nice as well."

Club Madnezz Holland - "Ceril...into the clouds!"

Roual Galloway - (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "Master-H mix is classy."

Chris Ç - (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) - "Master-H Detroit Vision Mix is big!"

Debug Magazine France - "Review to follow." - "To be reviewed."

Sarah Main – (Pacha Ibiza) - "For The Lonely is a lovely piece of music.."

H.O.S.H. - "Ceril is awesome oldschool stuff. The Master H version somehow reminds on earlier f-com stuff which i really love. Great release!"

Shaun Reeves - "Cool tracks, nice work!"

Kiki - "Wow.. the originals massage my soul... and Master H’s version is pretty dope too!"

John Selway - "Beautiful. For The Lonely going onto new Neurotic Drum Band podcast mix we're throwing together now. Master-H remix of Ceril is awesome also."

Michel de Hey - "1 word - Fantastic!"

Ian Pooley - "Ceril (Original Mix) The best track i heard in my 3 hour promo listening session...."

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Fish Go Deep remix for me!"


For the lonely - Original


For the lonely - Fish Go deep remix


Ceril - Original


Ceril - Master-H Detroit Vision mix


Press / web

De:Bug Magazine Germany - Chymera überzeugt einen immer wieder mit Detroit-tracks die einen so deepen Flow haben, dass man alles klingt als wäre es zusammengeschmolzen. "Ceril" ist einfach eine Welle aus Harmonie die über alles hinwegfegt und in einer immer weiter wachsenden Breite von Sound unschlagbar ist. "For The Lonely" ist dann ein verschleppt funkiges Stück mit vollem Piano, dass von Akkord zu Akkord immer mehr genossen wird. Deeper noch der Master-H Remix von "Ceril" auf dem die Beats und Harmonien eine slammendere und manchmal auch bedrückende Allianz eingehen, die vor allem rings um den verzogen schlän- gelnden Bass immer stranger wird. Und auch der Fish Go Deep Remix von "For The Lonely" ist in seiner lässigen Deepness sehr gelun

Deejay Magazine Spain – El sello de Master H es uno de los sellos a tener en cuenta en este 2010. Esta release de Chymera mantiene el nivel de gran calidad de las anteriores releases. “For The Lonely” es una obra maestra con el piano como protagonista, con unos cambios de armonía que son puro placer y una bassline cálida y espectacular. La remezcla de Fish Go Deep es, para mi, su mejor trabajo en mucho tiempo. “Ceril” es también rompedor, como el otro corte, y está apoyado por una remezcla del dueño del sello. Imprescindible. Mix destacado: Todos 9/10