Master H & Alice Orpheus

Out of this life take 1 EP

If you are a purveyor of pure house music, then Master-H's Komplex De Deep imprint is one that should always be checked. From the deepest of the deep to the most euphoric and melodic. Smokey jazzy touches to throbbing basement bass and beats, we have seen it all and we are only on release number eight. Chymera, Francois Dubois, Greg Oreck, Matthias Vogt and Aubrey have already graced releases, but today its the turn of label head Master-H to lead the way...

Teaming up once again with the silky toned Alice Orpheus, Master-H presents 'Out Of This Life Take 1'. Alice is a classically trained, award winning violinist and Professor of Jazz Composition. His career has seen him travel the world, from his studies in France and the US, to his teaching in New Zealand. Now signed to Komplex De Deep, he has embarked on a production spree alongside Master-H. Their first release, 'My Lady' was an instant hit with the DJ's and Music Press, and introduced us to the diamond duo in the finest of fashions.

'Out Of This Life Take 1', is a sublime piece of mastery. From the opening tambourine strikes we are immediately introduced to the velvet tones of the Rhodes. Muted horns and cowbell play their part in creating a wonderful atmosphere. As the vocal creeps in accompanied on every note by violins, our thoughts are confirmed. This is a truly special piece of music.

Having also provided us with delightful dub, Master-H present's a second original composition in, 'Talking House'. Aimed directly at the dancefloor, this beauty sees Alice really working those vocal chords. Deep throbbing keys stab away as the shiny ride sparkles alongside. The keys grow in intensity as an oldskool synth sweeps us off our feet and carries us away. Superb!

Yet another stunning release from Master-H and Alice Orpheus, and Komplex De Deep. We can't wait to see what they bring us next!!

Adam Carter

Oleg Poliakov - "I love Talking House."

Samuel L Session - "Quality! Nuff said."

Rocco (Rodamaal) - "Lovin Out of this life take1 Dub!! Fresh and not afraid to push "stereo type"!! Great Ep!"

Orde Meikle - (Slam) - "Another great release from this classy deep house label."

Osunlade - "Lovely and mellow..definitely up my alley! The entire ep is wonderful!"

D'Julz - "Another classy and strong release, bravo."

Audio Soul Project - "If there were more specimens like this dance music wouldn't be the mind numbing universe of mediocrity it is today. Lovely."

Stuart Patterson – (Faith) - "Proper house music the way it should be baked."

Anthony Collins - "Dub mix is nice."

Soul Clap - "Out of this life take1....On that Kelly Polar Quartet vibe, cool track!"

Jimpster - "Brilliant EP this one. Really love the vibe on Out Of this Life - probably the dub for playing out but love the original too. Talking House also nice and solid."

Graeme Reedie - (Silicone Soul) - "Outstanding ep, Talking House is brilliant, powerfull stuff."

Charles Webster - "Good stuff..some cool ideas on here.."

Ashley Beedle - "Very beautiful and an original vibe. A great EP and the production is top notch. Big support."

John Digweed - "Talking House is good stuff."

Michel de Hey - "Love the dub!"

Italoboyz - "Talking House is cool!"

Luke Solomon - "Out of this life take1, brilliant record!"

Terry Francis - (Fabric London) - "Talking House is GREAT!!"

Feygin - "Love this release!"

Laurent Garnier - "Out of this life take1 Dub....Bien BIEN deeeeeep C'est beau ça."

Brothers' Vibe - "Out of this life take1...Love it, man - love it!!"

Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "Out of this life take1 is so good! Proper."

Andrew Grant - (DC-10/Barraca) - "Nice worldy sound."

Fritz Zander (Zander Vt) - "All nice but Talking House is my fav!!!"

Anja Schneider - "I like Talking House!"

Varoslav - "Nice music .. J"

Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "I've recroded quite a few violinists, none of them ever played me anything like that though :) Quirky and very nice. Liking Talking House too. Very too the point. Will feature on Ceoltronic."

DJ Valka - (Paris One Reverse) - "Dub version is the one for me!"

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas RadioShow) - "Good sounds and mixes...supported!!!"

Roual Galloway - (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "The yip yap of Talking House speaks the loudest."

Steve Parry - (Juice FM) - "Dub is a nice slice of deepness."

Chris Ç - (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) - "Wow excellent summer music excellent violin sampler. Love this EP."

Tsugi Magazine France - "Nice EP!"

Raveline Magazine Germany - "Talking House is the one for me!!"

Russ - (iDJ Magazine) - "Quality as ever from KDD."

Eric Agnes - "Talking house est terrrrrrrrible !"

Soy - "H this is dope! Gonna drop it this weekend!"

Tiago Fragataeiro - "You killeeeeeeeeeeeeed it with KDD 08!!! Listening now and loving it Master! :)"

Dairmount / Room with a view - "This release demonstrates again a few things about integrity : how to combine true identity of a producer, a vocalist, genuinely rooted music & unclassifiable vibes... Master H & Alice Orpheus are here to stay, you are warned..."

Jose de Divina - "Talking House is a good good track."

Hector Romero - "Out of this life take1 is lovely - really feeling this."

Wally Lopez - "The Dub is introspective and deep...will test."

Lee Curtiss - "The dub version is great for late night dance floors!"

Deetron - "Really like this a lot, will play the Dub."

Charlie – (Soul Clap) - "Loving the dub. Super epic emo vibes on the original but the dub is so smooth and sexy. Perfect late nite dips."

Kasper - "Wow, an amazing record. Really like Out of this life, very jazzy and deep but Talking house is the one ill be playing the most -beautifull!!"

Paul Woolford - "The dub is excellent."

Stuart McMillan - (Slam) - "Great release, Taliking house is my favorite."

Daniel (Trickski) - "Talking House is a destroyer!"

Andy Cato – (Groove Armada) – “Out Of This Life is graceful!!!! The dub is very nice too. This is music with an attitude. Love it! With Talking House hassen makes no doubt that he controls the HOUSE!! Wonderful release support."

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas RadioShow) - "Nice tunes!"
Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "Full Support to Talking House... Very Good Music."

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Talking House sounds real smooth!"

Stefano Fontana - (Computer Musik Italy) - "Talking House is awesome!!!"

Rainer Trueby "Really deep, not obvious at all...i like this a lot.."

Funk D'Void - "Stunning! Gorgeous organic sound and unique.."

Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) – “Love the dub!”

Till von Sein – “Solid EP… the dub is the one for me.”

Liapin – (Afrilounge) – “Will play the Dub!”

Onionz – “Talking House is sick! Love it!”


Out of this life - main


Out of this life - dub


Talking house


Press / web

Deejay Magazine Spain - El sello de Master-H nos regala otra gran jugada bajo mi criterio. Ya en la release octava, el galés nos sigue mostrando un sello con un amplio espectro sonoro, desde el techno emocional de Chymera al deep house azucarado de François Dubois, pero en sus proyectos con la vocalista Alice Orpheus es donde pone toda la carne en el asador. En “My Lady” ya dio muestras de clase jazzy, y en esta release nos ofrece otra obra maestra. Está claro que el corte principal, con esos rhodes aterciopelados, el cencerro y esa loca batalla entre el vioíln y el vocal no va a funcionar en el 99% de las pistas de baile, pero eso no es motivo para dejarlo escapar. “Talking House” si que funcionará; deep house en su máxima expresión, con un riff de piano que crece en intensidad a través del sublime vocal de Alice y esa bassline que nos lleva a Chicago. Impresionante. : Komplex de Deep llega a su octava referencia con este nuevo maxi de Master H -con la colaboración del violinista Alice Orpheus-, una auténtica delicia que, sí, se podría calificar como música house, pero que traspasa todas las fronteras musicales gracias a su inteligente uso del órgano Rhodes, el imprescindible cencerro -por lo menos para servidor, fan total de tan percusivo instrumento- y el violín. Música con mayúsculas. En la otra cara, “Talking House” nos lleva directamente a las pistas de baile más deephouseras. Muy bien.

Debug (Germany) – Für mich mit jedem Release wieder das Houselabel des Jahres. ”Out Of This Life“ hat soviel Soul in der Melodie und ist dabei so einfach, klingelt in den Glöckchen statt Hihats, und bewegt sich auf abenteuerliche Weise mitten in die 70er hinein, unterfüttert von afrikanischen Sequenzen der besonderen Art. Und das übersoulige Monster ”Talking House“ mit den Vocals, die fast nur noch Geschrei sind, ist einfach völlig unglaublich. Massiv.