The Rumours of my demise EP

Renowned for his beautifully smooth, often epic and always deeply tinged work, it is quite remarkable to discover that Chymera's first international dancefloor releases came only a few years ago. Late 2006 and early 2007 saw his first outings on Urban Torque, Supereme Entertainment and Mezzotinto, the latter of which; 'Midnight At The Aquarium', swiftly brought him to the attention of the worlds elite.

Key releases followed for labels including Ovum, NRK and Delsin, further cementing his trademark melodic sound. His 2007 release 'Arabesque' on the now defunct Tishomingo label was a real highlight. It was used by Luciano as the finale to many of his sets throughout the year, and went on to be licensed to several high profile compilations.

His move to Barcelona in 2008 saw Chymera take a more considered approach to his music, and this was seen in his Connaisseur and Figure releases, which won him further and broader critical acclaim.

Today's release 'The Rumours Of My Demise' is true KDD style. Deep edged, powerful and melodic. Soft synths, make way for anthemic synths and full bassline as we are swept high, before dropping into the break. The synths build once more to a peak before we ride out on those great beats.

On remix duty is label boss Master-H, who we must say, turns in one of his finest to date. H takes us home Chicago style... Devastating beats, key stabs and stunning oldskool vocal sample. Matched with some luscious sax, and the killer bass-drop, make this a smash hit!!

Adam Carter

Scope - "Nice cuts..I prefer the 2nd cut with the vox, nice old skool house vibes.. will give it a spin tonight!"

Matthias Vogt – (Motorcitysoul) - "Big fan of Chymera anyway...the original is excellent!"

Christian Smith - "Awesome. I'm big fan of musical techno like this. Will play this at MoS tonight :) full support. Not into the remix."

2000 and One - "The original has a deep nice melodic tune, i love it!"

Zdar (Cassius) - "I love Chymera. The original is pure class."

John Digweed - "Master H mix is good stuff!"

Markus Enochson - "Cool track i like the old school feeling of it good work!"

Laurent Garnier - "J'adore Chymera , j'adore CHYMERA, J'ADORE CCHHYYMMEERRAAA!!" Secret Cinema - "I like it!! Well done Mr Chymera!"

Brothers' Vibe - "Strong track - I will play."

Marc Marzenit - "Original Mix!! Great work!"

Jimpster - "What a stunner! Yes, loving the original here. A real beauty that i'll get plenty of plays out of."

Samuel L Session - "Both tracks rock here! Very good."

Ben Watt - "Im liking the original. Radio show likely."

Diesel (X-Press 2) - "I like the original."

D’Julz - "Amazing release! Full support to both mixes!"

Satoshi Tomiie - "Pressure? Cool production, It's really interesting to hear something I worked on originally (Sound Of Blackness) on this track by the way!"

Patch Park - "Really nice warm vibe there, original mix is sweet!"

Mihai Popoviciu - "4 stars for the original track, quality production!"

Nick Warren - "Very cool, will play the original mix."

Timo Maas - "Master H...remix for me please - old school!"

Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) - "Diggin the remix!"

Osunlade - "Lovely tune! Original for me!"

Len Faki - "Great remix, full of deepness and chicago soul!"

Kédem (Paris One DJ) - "I prefer the Master H version. I quite fancy the vocals and the deep funky chicago dash to it."

Christopher Çolak ( Radio) - "Beautiful. Love this EP."

Karlos Sense (ibiza Sonica) - "Good House!! full support on the Original."

Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Perfect music for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio. both mixes are cool ;)"

Steve Parry (Juice FM) - "Both mixes are great, original just shades it for me, but will use both!"

Al Redmond (Phonic Express - RTE Pulse) - "Ive been a fan of Brendan’s (Chymera) work since 2006, a fellow irishman who's been making a real name for himself. His sound just keeps evolving and production tighting. Love it! Gonna play it everywhere I go."

Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) - "The original is nice and deep!"

Paul Hamill – (Across The Line - BBC Ulster) - "A lot housier than Brens previous outings but the trademark Chymera chords are still in there. Great work."

Russell Deeks (iDJ magazine) - "Nice! Will support both mixes!"

Tsugi Magazine (France) - "I love it. The Original mix is a bomb!"

Groove Magazine Germany - "Up for Review!"

Kiki – “The original is warm and beautiful! Will play!”

Chateau Flight - "Will try the original out real cool release!"

Michel Cleis - "Original it!"

DJ Magazine UK – “An amazing remix. One of my favourite promo’s in ages!” – “Amazing!! Chymera is great.” Bleed - (Debug) - "Review to follow."

Richie Hawtin – Downloaded

Seth Troxler – “Love it! perfect Detroit sound for winter!”

Alex Santos – “Great tracks!!”

Deetron – “The original is my favourite, both tracks rock though.”

Paul Woolford – “Original sounds great, lovely & warm...”

Bushwacka – “This is fantastic. Really warm and great sounds. Thank you!!”

Terry Francis – (Fabric London) – “Nice and rolling along! Original.”

Thomas Schumacher – “I love the Master-H Mix, great vibe and drive!”

DJ Hell – “Both tracks good!!!”

Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Ireland) – “The second track is seriously nice. I love that tripped out House vibe, Will support on Ceoltronic for sure and also feature on Ceol Eire (my other show focused on the Irish Industry). Best of luck with it.”

Danny Howells – “Fabulous!!!”

Monika Kruse – “Will try out the original. Nice floating tune!”

Technasia – “Nice happy mood! 5*”

Peter Kruder – “Love the Original. The remix is also cool. Will play this for sure.”

Andre Galluzzi – “Nice for playing during summertime!”

Timewriter – “Very Nice release. Will play it for sure!!”

Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Great new label - love the sound - full support!”

Sasse – “Oh my god, another bomb - KDD is on a ROLL! Just soo perfectly produced yet kickin ass house music - Love Chymera!”

Hernan Cattaneo – “Really really good!!”

Anthony Collins – “Such lovely melodies!”

Gregor Tresher – “What an amazing release by Chymera again, another instant classic!!!!”

Funk D’Void – “Great track, love this a lot!!”


The Rumours of my demise original


The Rumours of my demise Master H rmx


Press / web

DeeJay Spain - Es por todos sabido que puedes confiar en Chymera para obtener preciosas rodajas de techno y si este edita en el sello de Master H, Komplex de Deep, es como algo hecho en el cielo. El original es, como puedes esperar, una superposición de capas sonoras: un suave órgano que crece en intensidad y se va sumergiendo dentro del track. Entonces llegan los grandes stabs de sintetizadores. No te preocupes por todos esos brazos en el aire. Son todos chicos y chicas que les encanta el techno de buen rollo. En la otra cara está el trabajo de Master H, que me pone tonto... Sonidos que te trasladan a esas primeras fiestas de Chicago... Las notas de sinte le dan un feeling deep y jazzy y aderezado con samples vocales de Sounds of Blackness hace de este corte un tema esencial para los que les gusta es house de verdad.

Bug Magazine Germany - Wie immer ist Komplex De Deep weit vorn. Slammender, dichter detroitiger Sound, viel Funk in den Melodien, eine Bassline, die komplett den Groove und die Stimmung des Tracks übernimmt, mit einer so extrem euphorisiernden Art, den Track weiterzuentwickeln, dass man einfach an der Masse dieses Hits nicht vorbeikommt. Der Remix von Master H ist dagegen etwas enttäuschend, auch wenn er den Soul etwas lockerer angeht.

i-DJ Magazine - *Techno* (Best of the Rest) – Curious one this; the wave of tasty synths and pads come across as a pleasing vintage Global Underground stylee. However the presence of some unwelcome jazz riffing flitting in and out detracts from the groove. 6/10

i-DJ Magazine UK – *House* RECOMMENDED- There’s a trend at the moment, in the world of post-minimal deep/tech house, towards the use of female vocal snippets, resulting in tracks that sound nothing so much as classic stripped-down NY/NJ garage a la Simonelli, Musto, etc. So it is with the label boss Master H’s remix of ‘The Rumours…’. The original’s also quite old school-sounding, but in more of aDetroit/Chicago kinda way. Nice. 9/10

Radio show

Stefano Fontana – Computer Musik Italy – 04/12/09 – Original

Phonic Express – RTE Ireland – 03/12/09 - Original

Dance Dept. Holland – 29/11/09 –Original

Ceoltronic Radio – RTE Ireland – 27/11/09 – Master-H Remix

Remix Phonic Exoress – RTE Ireland – 26/11/09 - Original

Dance Dept. Holland – 21/11/09 - Original

Ben Watt – Buzzin Fly – 18/11/09 – Original

Dinamo FM Istanbul – 17/11/09 – Master-H Remix