Master H & Greg Oreck

Coffee is Ecstasy EP

H is on a well deserved roll. With 'Melody' still fresh, 2009 has begun with a new remix package of his Soma smash 'Magic K', released this week. Now we continue the heat, with release number two from Komplex De Deep, and Master-H. This time alongside Greg Oreck.

H began his production career with 1996 release 'U Gave Me Love' which picked up fans including Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and Louie Vega. 1998 took him to the Miami Winter Music Conference, where his DJ skills caught the attention of Slam and the Soma Records team. Soma showed their faith by not only releasing the anthem 'Magic K', but also releasing H's 2003 debut album 'Thirteen'. Releases and remixes followed, including his 2006 releases 'No Ordinary Day' on Vega Records (Which featured Yuanist Woods, the vocalist on this release) and 'My Way To Heaven' on Laurent Garnier's FCOM label.

Rome resident Greg Oreck's journey in house, began on the floors of 90's New York. It took him and his DJ skills around the globe. Europe to New Zealand and eventually back to NYC, where, inspired by his experiences he set about honing his skills in the studio. With various productions under a variety of pseudonyms, Greg is most recently known as part of Thugfucker, his collaboration with Holmar Filipsson. Together they have a string of releases on labels like Music For Freaks, Moodmusic, Global Underground, Dirt Crew and Brique Rouge to name a few.

His music has been played and supported by a wide spectrum of heavy hitters such as Laurent Garnier, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, Tiefschwarz, D'Julz, Steve Bug, Erol Alkan, DJ Hell, Carl Craig and Ivan Smagghe among many others. In addition to his dance work, he has also won a best soundtrack award at Sundance for his film work and is currently collaborating on a new ambient electronic project, The Department of Human Genetics, with renowned producer Eli Janney (from 90s indie rock supergroup Girls Against Boys).

"Coffee is Ecstasy" is the pair's collaboration. One that began and continues to blossom through the strong passion and dedication to music that these two artists both share. A truly special, epic, original is brilliantly backed by a devastating, tracky dub that evokes many an oldschool memory.

To round off the package, H drafts in good friends Alex From Tokyo and Isao Kumano who turn in a fabulous reworking under their Tokyo Black Star moniker. Fresh off the back of their 'Bit Commander EP' on Innervisions, the guys are in blistering hot form and produce a stunner! Komplex De Deep may only be two releases in, but what a start! I can not wait for release number three!

Adam Carter

D'Julz - "Strong release!"

Patrick Bodmer - (M.A.N.D.Y.) - "The dub is cool."

Karotte - (Cocoon) - "The tokyo black star rmx is a bomb. Great. I love it."

Lee Burridge - "Very cool."

Mazi - "This record has that back to the future vibe that proves the pioneers had it right all along . When I hear music like this I feel like somewhere along the line we lost our focus and now with the help of solid music like this we can get back on the parth. Sick!"

Alex Flatner - "4 Stars for the Dub mix, but a disappointing Tockyo Black Star Remix...Full support on the DubMix...nice build up and to the end it's coming to the point..."

Frank W -(Ame) - "Will try it out."

Solomun - "The dub!!"

Christian Prommer - "Best new Label. Love the trax. Coffee is ecstasy is in my box for a while. So the remix is great to have. Thanks. full support."

Sasha - "The Dub for us thanks."

Daniel - (Trickski) - "Pushy stuff! I like it! The Dub."

Deetron - "Beautiful release, the Original and Dub are my favourites!"

ohn Selway - "The dub is pretty cool, nice uplifting old school feeling."

Andy - (Raveline Magazine Germany) "Like the dub."

Gerome Darmendrail - (Tsugi Magazine France) - "Nice!"

Josh Wink - "Great pair up. I will be rocking the Dub! Jackin stabs and driving beats. Would like a version of this without the strings. But, I'll still support. Thanks."

Laurent Garnier - "Yes yes yes papa c'est de la balle."

Luca Bacchetti - "Tokyo Black Star remix is a masterpiece! only for best djs and clubs! amazing trip."

Ewan Pearson - "A proper corker from Hassein and Greg. great stuff."

DJ Deep - "Tokyo Black Star remix is dope!"

Craig Morrison - (Silicone Soul) - "Love all 3 actually - will defo be playing one or more! More power to de deepness!"

James Flavour - (Dirt Crew) - "Love the dub. dope tracks!"

Ashley Beedle - "Stunning music from Master H and crew. The production is excellent. It will be a pleasure to play this EP out."

Liapin - (Afrilounge) - "For me the original mix. Nice atmos!"

Phonogenic - "Great sounding huge buildng jourey track. I like! Orig is my pick."

Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "Dub is more my bag!"

Desyn Masiello - "Awesome!! Amazing package... TBS remix is special!"

Charles Webster - "The TBS remix sounds really nice"

Cirillo - "Nice Detroitish tip..."

Scope - "All mixes are wicked.. Dub is my favourite thou! Full support on this!"

King Roc - (2 Armadillos) - "COE - Dub is an awesome record. I can hear that being a regular tune for me. Very nice! Toka Black - Fat Tune. That arpeg style riff makes the track go off when it comes in. COE - Nice bass and groove but no so into the strings."

James Lavelle - "This is great .... loving all three tracks here."

Sian - "Tokyo Black Star mix is wicked, very strong retro sound."

Darko Esser - "This is probably the best release I have heard so far this year!! All 3 tracks are stunning and 100% up my alley. Thanx for this excellent promo!!"

Jo Mills - "Wow great bounce and vibe to this the chords really grab you rools along well."

Marko Nastic - (Radio b98 Belgrade) - "Tnx! Love Tokyo Black Star mix!"

Christopher Colak - (Dinamo FM Istanbul) - "Very energetic and fresh vibes. Strong release. I like the Dub mix! Full Support."

Paul Hamill - (BBC Radio Ulster) - "Dub mix for me on this one. amazing!"

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Goood one! Perfect for add on my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio!!"

Steve Parry - (Juice FM UK) - "Dub is really cool - liking a lot cheers! old school tinged with balls and a new twist!"

Dave Mothersole - (Ministry Radio) - "Good tracks these. Like all three mixes, og in particular. Nice work."

Joe 90 - (Kiss FM UK) - "Yes, tokyo black star mix is a winner - great bassline bringing some funk to proceedings - nice!"

Benoit C - (Tsugi Magazine France) - "This is great .... loving all three tracks here."


Coffee is ecstasy Original


Coffee is ecstasy Dub


Tokyo Black Star rmx


Press / web

iDJ Magazine – (UK) – “I really enjoyed the first KDD and it looks like I’m in love with this one, too.Firstly, the title is pretty apt (if a little OTT – I’d just say coffee is nice, but you can’t deny their enthusiasm, can you?) and secondly its got a low swung acid house edge (very muchlike that Will Saul and Mike Monday track on Buzzin Fly last month). A bubbly builder, if you will, this grows and grows and its not until about mid way that you realize how well it fits its 11 minute long trousers. Deep but by no means dreary, H and Oreck have hit the spot. 9/10

Bug Magazine (Germany) - Wuchtig in der 909 und den Bässen, scheppert der Tokyo Black Star Mix hier los und plärrt seine harmonische Synthold-schoolsequenz so übertrieben, dass man es kaum glauben will. So trifft Belgien 92 auf Italophattness. Der Dub ist pures Pianoravestakkato für Funkmeister der ersten UR-Schu- le, und das Orginal plätschert dann unerwartet süßlich und deep daher, bis die Strings so aufgeplustert sind, dass sie den ganzen Raum füllen. Hits. Durch und durch, aber so unerwartet, dass man wirklich überrascht ist, warum sonst niemand so dreist ist (Germany) - Da sind sie wieder, die lang vermissten Jacksounds.

Perfekt, oldschoolig und eigentlich wieder voll im Trend. Gut, Master H kann das ja auch schon jahrelang sehr gut. Darauf verlassen wir uns ja. Und so finden wir hier ein schöneres Stück nach dem anderen. Perfekter Detroitsound, von dreckig groovend bis wunderschön melodisch. Schöne Sache.

Radio plays

X-Press 2 – Kiss FM – 03/02/09 - Original

Ben Watt – Buzzin Fly – 28/01/09 – Tokyo Black Star Remix